Humans: not as well designed as the Japanese puffer fish
July 17, 2008, 6:18 pm
Filed under: Design

Those Japanese puffer fish—you know, like the one that almost killed Homer Simpson—are way more advanced than us.

From Seed magazine.


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I find it typical of pseudoscientist to try and show their intelligence by copying others, unfortunately what you copy brands you. No, you and the rest of the genetic community are not sophisticated enough to understand DNA. You only look to content believing that something that the Science community believes to be random acts of evolution must be random acts of mistakes and worthless. The “Code” in DNA is not the only thing the DNA is used for. The “LINES” and “Sines” have other functions in all life not just the proliferation of the genetic code. For a hint at what lies in the form study subatomic Physics, preferably the works of Dr. David Bohm. Then study Fourier math and Rouge Waves. You will then understand everything has a purpose and nothing is left to chance, not even evolution and DNA.

Comment by mc

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